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Between 1955 and 1990 Shrii Prabhat Ranjan Sarkar whose spiritual name was Shrii Shrii 聲andamrti, wrote a total of 261 books in English, Bengali and Hindi. He wrote in the name Shrii Prabhat Ranjan Sarkar when treating sociology, economics, philology and various other subjects, included children's tales; and in the name Shrii Shrii 聲andamrti when focusing on spiritual topics. Many of his books he gave as dictations; others were compiled from his discourses, some of them in small inspirational pocket-books. His 5018 Prabh嫢 Samgiita songs, mostly in Bengali, were first published in a series of small booklets, and have now been compiled into ten large Bengali volumes. (Translation of the songs into a 25-volume English series has now started.)

Ananda Marga Publications continues to compile new books from an archive of tapes of 聲andamrtijii's yet-unpublished discourses.

Besides the works of Shrii Prabhat Ranjan Sarkar / Shrii Shrii 聲andamrti himself, Ananda Marga Publications offers a range of books authored by his followers, consisting mostly either of commentary on 聲andamrtijii's own works, or of biographical writings about 聲andamrtijii.

The books listed here are all those that Ananda Marga Publications offers in English. Many titles are also available in Bengali, Hindi, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, French, German, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese and other languages (including various Indian languages besides Bengali and Hindi).

Below is the complete list of all titles published, included all books by PR Sarkar/Shrii Shrii Anandamurti sorted by subject.
You may see the list of all books by PR Sarkar/Shrii Shrii Anandamurti sorted alphabetically.
In order to create here a complete bibliography for researchers, we are also including here some titles which are out of stock at this time.

For titles available in languages other than English, or for the availability of English titles in any particular country, please contact the Offices of Ananda Marga in the different Sectors.

Spiritual Philosophy (by Shrii Shrii 聲andamrti)

聲anda M嫫ga: Elementary Philosophy
This was the first-published of the more than 250 books of Shrii Shrii 聲andamrti, and continues to hold its place as an introduction to his entire philosophy. Its speciality is the use of formal, though simple, logic to make an utterly convincing case for the existence of Supreme Consciousness and the need of spiritual practice

Ananda Marga Ideology and Way of Life (series)
An arrangement of the major spiritual discourses of Shrii Shrii A'nandamu'rti (known as Dharma Maha'cakra, or DMC, discourses). The 11 parts in English of this series include most DMC discourses through 1971, plus a few discourses that were not DMC's.

Ananda Marga Philosophy (series)
The author's most essential spiritual discourses, conveniently compiled in eight parts.

聲anda Stram
In the best traditions of stra literature, the eighty-five stras of this book serve, with breathtaking conciseness, as a framework for the entire Ananda Marga ideology. In this book the author has in a few vivid strokes presented humanity with original concepts of metaphysics, epistemology, ethics and macro-history.

Ananda Vacan嫥rtam (series)
The 聲anda Vacan嫥rtam ("Blissful Discourses") series assembles all the known General Darshan talks, sometimes delivered in a very intimate way to relatively small groups of devotes.

Babas Grace
A collection of 38 devotional discourses about the spritual seeker and the relationship with the Divine.

Discourses on Tantra 1
In this first volume,the author discusses Tantra's soaring philosophy, investigates the science of mantra and ku襗alinii, and rediscovers pieces of Tantra's forgotten history.

Discourses on Tantra 2
The author explains what sets Tantra apart from any other spiritual path - and discloses much about the actual practice of Tantra.

Discourses on the Mah墎h嫫ata
Mah墎h嫫ata literally means "Great India". Hence Mah墎h嫫ata became the name both for a campaign led by Krsna to unify India, and for the epic composition about that campaign. Shrii Shrii 聲andamrti gives a unique analysis of the historical context and of some of the key figures, including Krsna himself.

Guide to Human Conduct, A
Herein the author explains Yama and Niyama, traditionally-accepted cardinal principles of morality, in a modern way, and at the same time places those principles on a clear scientific basis.

Namah Shiv嫝a Sh嫕t嫝a
Shiva the historical personality has long been lost to view, hidden under layer upon layer of myth. Here the author removes the veils of seven thousand years of time to reveal Shiva the great spiritualist, Shiva the humanitarian, Shiva the pioneer of arts and science.

Nam嫥i Krsnasundaram
Here the author has compares different philosophies to the life and personality of Lord Krsna. The author sets out the two distinct facets of Lord Krsna's personality: Vraja Krsna, the lord of devotion, and P嫫thas嫫athi Krsna, the lord of karma yoga, ceaselessly engaged in the battle against injustice.

Subh嫳ita Samgraha (series)
The Subh嫳ita Samgraha ("Collected Discourses") series assembles all the Dharma Mah塶akra (DMC) discourses given by Shrii Shrii 聲andamrti. Dharma Mah塶akras, large spiritual congregations addressed by Shrii Shrii 聲andamrti, were held in cities and towns all over the world.

Yoga Psychology
The science of psychology, as studied and practised within the traditions of yoga and Tantra, begins with our cakras (or plexi, psycho-spiritual centres) and the various glands associated with each cakra. The development of these structures is influenced by all our past actions and by a range of environmental factors that, like the mind itself, go far beyond what is conventionally contemplated by psychology.

Social Philosophy (by Shrii Prabhat Ranjan Sarkar)

Awakening of Women, The
Throughout his life, the author was deeply concerned about the conditions of women in society. He supported the emancipation of women from the bonds of dogma and ignorance. This book is a compilation of all the author's discourses and comments about the social and spiritual roles of women.

Discourses on Neohumanist Education
Discourses on Neohumanist Education is a compilation of various discourses given by Shrii Prabhat Ranjan Sarkar over a period of thirty-five years.

Discourses on Prout
A summary of lectures delivered by P.R. Sarkar to the first conference of Proutists.

Few Problems Solved, A (series)
A collection of addresses given by the author as the founder and president of Renaissance Universal. The author discusses art and literature, civilization, history, etc., in nine parts.

Human Society 1
Here the author demonstrates at the outset that society must be built on a foundation of morality and must move progressively forward in order to establish itself in universal humanism. Then from the vantage point of that universal humanism, the author examines different issues of education, social justice, and the judicial system; and probes the impacts that practitioners of various professions may have, for better or for worse, on the social body as a whole, depending on the expansiveness of their minds

Human Society 2
Here the author introduces his theory of history and social change. Economist Ravi Batra has based his best-selling economic books on the Law of the Social Cycle as explained in this book. Historians and futurists are calling this a landmark work in understanding the process of social change.

Liberation of Intellect, The: Neohumanism
This revolutionary book explains the root causes of forces that threaten society and the planet, and offers a unique solution. Neohumanism is a world-view that safeguards and enhances the development of one's inner spiritual assets. It is characterized by love for the Supreme, and finally overflows onto all objects, animate and inanimate, created by the Supreme.

Neohumanism in a Nutshell 1
The author describes the importance of freeing the human intellect from limitation and divisive dogma, and of curbing exploitative tendencies.

Neohumanism in a Nutshell 2
The author details how a universal spiritual outlook can unify all of humanity; and, in contrast, how our current limitations keep millions of human and other living beings from realizing their potential.

One Human Society
Issues of disunity and discord around the globe are usually all too clear. These discourses elaborate the many powerful elements of unity that can eventually reunite the human family.

Problems of the Day
An analysis of the main social problems of today, dedicated to Subhash Chandra Bose, revolutionary leader of the Indian independence.

Prout in a Nutshell (series)
In 1959 the author first propounded the socio-economic theory Prout, an acronym for Progressive Utilization Theory. Over the next thirty years the author elaborated Prout in great detail, giving numerous discourses on history, economics, sociology, politics, ethics, linguistics, culture and civilization. This series assembles in 21 volumes all the author's discourses related to Prout.

Proutist Economics: Discourses on Economic Liberation
Proutist Economics has brought all of the author's published discourses on economics together in one volume for the first time. The author states that economics should free human beings from mundane problems so that all will have increasing opportunities for intellectual and spiritual expansion.

To The Patriots
This discourse examines the benefits and limitations of patriotism.

Inspirational Pocket-Books

Ananda V嫕ii Samgraha
Shrii Shrii 聲andamrti gave special messages on the occasions of the New Year and his birthday. This book is a collection of those inspirational messages.

Light Comes
A collection of pocket-book inspirational excerpts from discourses by P.R. Sarkar.

Thoughts of P.R. Sarkar
A collection of short thought-provoking excerpts from discourses by P.R. Sarkar. A tiny pocket-book you can carry with you for on-the-spot inspiration. Subjects include evolution, consciousness, spiritual practices, intellect and intuition, service, morality, art and literature, women and democracy.

Children's Tales

In the Land of Hattam嫮
A hilarious fairy tale about three princes and how they learn about becoming human beings.

The Golden Lotus of the Blue Sea
A prince goes in search of the Golden Lotus and experiences so many humorous trials and tribulations.

Under the Fathomless Depths of the Blue Sea
This is a delightful tale written by P.R. Sarkar in his youth. It is about a boy who journeys to the land of ghosts under the sea, a place which bears a striking resemblance to our own sometimes strange society.

Other Titles by P.R. Sarkar / Shrii Shrii 聲andamrti

Cary塶arya Parts 1-3
Cary塶arya is the sam奫a sh嫳tra (social treatise) of Ananda Marga. These three volumes set out both the organization and the cultural basis of the Ananda Marga movement.
In Part 1 the author gives Ananda Marga its governing boards and committees, and provides guidelines for social functions.
Part 2 gives many guidelines for conduct in a progressive society - i.e., a society of individuals moving towards the Supreme.
Part 3 contains all the dos and don'ts related to physical health that must be followed for progress in mental and spiritual s墂han.

Faculty of Knowledge, The
Yogic insights into the functioning of everyone's most indispensable tool: the mind.

Guidebook for T嫢tvikas, A
The crucial need for a blending between spirituality and materialism, and the role of spiritual teachers in bringing this about.

Idea and Ideology
Like no other book, but rather like spiritual practice itself, Idea and Ideology methodically, in a careful sequence, expands the reader's horizons and mind. It concludes by using the spiritual vantage that has been gained, to focus on the social problems of the earth.

Ideal Farming
This book is taken from the notebooks of instructions dictated by the author to the Ananda Marga agriculture secretary. It is replete with information on all phases of cultivation, with suggestions on inter-planting and companion planting, ponds and lakes, the care of trees and shrubs, and conservation techniques.

Karma Sanny嫳a
There is an exalted joy when one is attached only to God. This collection of philosophical and devotional discourses captures that joy.

Karma Yoga
If we do all our works in life as an offering, unattached to the results, we will attain the highest spiritual realization. These discourses explain the science of karma yoga.

Microvitum in a Nutshell
Microvita are entities which come within the realms both of physicality of psychic expression. They are smaller and subtler than physical atoms and sub-atomic particles, and in the psychic realm they may be subtler than mind-stuff. The author predicts that they will soon be recognized by conventional science.

Prabh嫢 Samgiita 1
Samgiita means the combination of vocal music, instrumental music, and dance. Prabhat was the given name of the composer of these songs, so the school of music that these songs embody has been named Prabh嫢 Samgiita. This volume presents the lyrics of the first 200 songs with their English translations.

Universally-applicable principles of stable progress: applicable to intuitional science as well as to economic science, applicable to personal health as well as to politics.

Sarkar's English Grammar and Composition
A yogi-scholar once said, "He who would track language to its lair would end as infinite." It seems that the author truly wants us to end as infinite, for he tracks language to its lair. Rarely satisfied with derived meanings and usages, he guides us to the sometimes-forgotten sources of language, that we might taste the purity of the source.

Sarkar's Short Stories
A collection of humorous and moral stories in the Indian tradition, full of fun and imagination.

Shabda Cayanik (series)
Ostensibly, Shabda Cayanik is a series devoted to the linguistics and philology of the Bengali language, but in reality it is much more than that. The author uses the platform of the word as a point of departure to take the reader on a journey through all the varied landscapes of human knowledge.

Tattva Kaomudii
A simple question-and-answer approach that makes spiritual philosophy accessible to all.

T嫢tvika Praveshik
A 1957 book presenting some fundamentals of spiritual philosophy and social philosophy.

Yogic Treatments and Natural Remedies
The object of the art of healing is to cure a patient, both physically and mentally. So the question is not the advocacy of any particular school of medical science, but rather the welfare of the patient. Diseases can be cured through natural methods of yogic exercise, water, diet, herbal medicines, sunlight and air.

English titles by other authors

Yoga and Meditation

The Wisdom of Yoga
A short introduction to the basic elements of Ananda Marga philosophy.

Beyond the Superconscious Mind
An introduction to the five layers of the mind, and the way to unfold them with the practice of Meditation.

Yoga for Health
Find out the key to unlock the door to the hidden potentials within your own body and mind: All-round health, peacefull emotions, relief from stress and tiredness, delay of the aging process, more limber and flexible joints, and an increase of the body's energy and vitality.

Yoga: The Way of Tantra
A general introduction to Tantra Yoga, and several of its aspects: diet and health, yoga postures, meditation, ethical conduct, and philosophy.

by Dr. Jiitendra Singh
A new science of body, mind and soul.

A Spiritual Treasure of Jewels
by 繁嫫ya Shraddh嫕anda
A collection of fifteen articles: "Victory in Battle", "Bondage and Liberation", Etc.
The Spiritual Philosophy of Shrii Shrii 聲andamrti: A Commentary on 聲anda Stram
by Avadhtik 聲anda Mitr
Now this difficult text of Ananda Sutram has been vastly elucidated in the present Commentary, bringing it to a greater audience of inquisitive and searching minds.

Ananda Marga Social and Spiritual Practices
Edited by Tarak

When the Time Comes
Conversations with a modern Indian saint, addressing many of the common difficulties and dilemmas that the spiritual seekers face in their quest for realization. With the infalible good sense of a true adept, Acharya Chandranath shows us how to avoid the obstacles and pitfalls on the path, and gives us the practical advice we need to achieve success in our spiritual life.


My Spiritual Life with B墎
by 繁嫫ya Shraddh嫕anda

The Life and Teachings of Shrii Shrii 聲andamrti
by 繁嫫ya Vijay嫕anda

聲andamrtijii As I Knew Him
by 繁嫫ya Vijay嫕anda

The Supreme Friend
by 繁嫫ya Dhruv嫕anda

B墎 Loves All
by 繁嫫ya Dhruv嫕anda

My Days with B墎
by 繁嫫ya Sarveshvar嫕anda

by 繁嫫ya Sugat嫕anda

Stories of B墎
by 繁嫫ya Dhy嫕esh嫕anda

With My Master
by 繁嫫ya Krp嫕anda

B墎's Love for South America
Edited by 繁嫫ya Prasiid嫕anda

Bhagavan Anandamurti
by Narada

Who's Afraid of the Tantrik Guru?
繁嫫ya Dharmavedananda

Bombs, Bliss and Baba
by Paul Narada Alister

Glimpses of a Mistery
繁嫫ya Bhaskarananda

101 Baba Stories
by 繁嫫ya Shamitananda

Social Philosophy

Prout: Neohumanistic Economics
by Dr. Shambhshiv嫕anda

New Vision, New World
by Avadhtik Ananda Mitr

Neo-Humanist Ecology
New ideas and practical solutions for improving the quality of life for all humanity.

Human Story (Cartoons)

Muslim Civilization & Crisis in Iran
by Ravi Batra

Neo-Humanist Education
by Avadhtik Ananda Mitr

The Downfall of Capitalism & Communism
by Ravi Batra
Can Capitalism be saved?

Stock Market Crashes of 1998 & 1999
The Asian Crisis and your Future
by Ravi Batra


Food for Thought: Vegetarian Philosophy
by Avadhtik Ananda Mitr
This is an excelent resource for beginning and established vegetarians. It covers all the reasons why a vegetarian diet is the most suitable for human beings and shows where to find the nutrients that compose a balanced, healthy vegetarian diet.

Cooking for Consciousness
Whether you're an experienced natural foods cook looking for tasty new recipes, or a beginning vegetarian wanting to know how to make healthy food from scratch, Cooking for Consciousness is the right cookbook for you. It's a comprehensive guidebook to the world of natural foods, offering essential information about a wide variety of fruits,vegetables, seeds and nuts, grains and dairy products -- foods which nourish the body, strengthen the mind and promote spiritual development

Stone Soup
Vegetarian dishes for the dinner table.

Whats Wrong with Eating Meat?
This book gives a feeling for the universal and wide-spread sentiment that has led people to vegetarianism, both in the past and present.

Other titles

Felicitavia. A Spiritual Journey
by Devashish Donald Acosta
Frustrated with where his life is headed, a young Italian street-painter sets off for the solitude of the Swiss-Italian Alps in the hope of re-inspiring himself and his art. There he undergoes a mystical experience that allows him to reach a level in his art he had not imagined possible.

P.R. Sarkar on History
by 繁嫫ya Raghun嫢h

As One Is So One Sees
Stories, Poems & Epigrams
A Literary & Graphic Medicine Bundle Gathered from Many World Cultures.
Edited by Floating Eagle Feather.

How to Prepare for the Coming Depression
A Workbook for managing your money and your life during economic hard times.

The Microvita Revolution
Towards the new science of matter, life and mind.


by Ananda Marga