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Ba'ba's tears

Submitted By: Ac. A'nanda Mamata Avdt.

The following incident still remains very vivid in my memory as if it would have happened yesterday. We all were waiting for Ba'ba' in His car, driving out of the gate at the Ananda Nagar MG quarters for His daily fieldwalk. The driveway was packed with margiis and acaryas who wanted to catch a glimpse of Him and the atmosphere was charged with devotion and longing for Him. The car, who was surrounded by His devotees was moving very slowly, the VSS guards trying their best to move the 'mad' crowd out of their way.

I was in the midst of some Italian margiis, who were crying like anything for Him and calling out or repeating His name while the car reached near to us. The immense feeeling of love for Him was so overwhelming, difficult to control. Everyone seemed to be in tears, intoxicated and mad for Him.

At last His car passed very slowly in front of me and I was able to see my Beloved through the window very clearly. And what I saw!? Not only we devotees, but Ba'ba' too was having some tears rolling down His cheeks. It was a most impressive and deeply heart-touching sight to me. I truely felt that Ba'ba', Lord Himself was so moved by the intense devotion of His followers, that He couldn't control His own emotion and silently expressed some tears.

Of course there may have been some other reason behind His shedding a few tears, maybe for the suffering humanity. But at the moment I saw it I really felt and still believe it now, that Ba'ba' too couldn't hold back, with the flood of so strong love of His devotees surrounding Him.